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Kristen Bell


Posted on 2006.01.17 at 15:49
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Just Want You To Know - Backstreet Boys
Yea.. reading back on my last entry. I was a little bitter. =/ lol. I really was upset though... I still am a little. I have the worst problem with holding grudges.. it's so not good. But I think that I'll be good soon. I just need to like... not talk to boys for a while. As of now... *anti-boy* lol. So yea.. school was pretty good today. Sarah's alarm didn't go off, so we were late to first. We just reviewed in math, and I actually understood the problems we were doing! Which is good because we have a quiz tomorrow... =/ Then we came home for lunch and Sarah said she wasn't feeling well, so I made her chicken noodle soup =) lol. Then I went to talk to mom about staying home for the bored-to-tears class (seminary) and she said it was ok. I went and got her some Wendy's real quick then we watched a little of A Room With a View. Sarah got her new computer in the middle of it and started setting it up. I didn't get to finish the movie though before I had to go to Spanish.

So I went to spanish, we sang a little, did a diario entry, had a little quiz about a book she read aloud to us. Then we had free time =D Sweet. Manda wrote paragraphs about certain topics. They were actually pretty cool. She would just choose 1 like thing or something (rainbows, the ocean, dancing, names, puddles, etc.) and then write a paragraph about it. Matt came over and started talking to us for a bit. Ugh.. he's weird. lol. He was way cool in my sophmore year, then at the beginning of this year I saw him with all these other girls... and he thinks he's the biggest pimp ever! lol! I hate that.. it's soo stupid. I haven't really talked to him for a while. But we had some fun in spanish. It was funny he was all "Remember that pick-up line in seminary I'd use 'My hands are cold, can I hold yours?'" lol. I was like "And it worked on many a girl." and then Manda said something I didn't hear (I was trying to read some of My Antonia for english tomorrow) and then he was all "Yeah.. Rachel's one tough cookie to crack. [he turned to me] So.. Rachel... what are you doing this weekend?" lol. It was kinda in a sarcastic tone.. but I couldn't tell for sure. lol. So I was like "Washing my hair... all weekend." lol. So yea.. it was pretty cool talking with 'em again. Manda was so funny she was all "Matt, whenever you laugh one of your eyes closes. But only one." lol. So he started laughing and we saw it so we started laughing and so on and so on. lol.

I came home. Finished the movie, it's actually pretty good. Not quite enough romance for a "romance movie" lol. But yea, it's still good =) I love the part in the field.. where he just walks right up to her and kisses her.. yeah... *dreamy eyed*. That'd be awesome =P lol. As cheesy as it is, I like how the book in the movie (the one written by one of the women they met in Italy) describes it. lol. But yea.. now you all know how extremely romantic I am. And that's why I'm never going to get married. I'll always be waiting for a guy like that.. and there aren't any. So I'll be waiting my whole life for him... =P lol.

Annnnyway, Zach came home from the doctor after. He said the doctor said it was too soon to say what the problem in his eyes is, it's a beginning stage so it could really be almost anything. But, he totally got a freakin' awesome iPod! It has like 30gigs I think. It can hold movies, music videos, songs (obviously), and a bunch of other crap. And the graphics are amazing! I think they're almost as good as HDtv. Plus he's getting a new apple comp with this eyecam or something like that (it's pretty much a built-in webcam). So yea.. I'm feeling left out. Everyone has freaking awesome computers, iPods, or both. I wish I had the money for an iPod or a sweet computer. I knew I would miss the cash flow, I really wish I could balance a job; it would give me experience and of course moolah, but I really just need to focus on school! I think that a scholarship to school will definitely outdo any amount of money I could earn from a part-time job. Plus with the grades I was getting... I wasn't planning well for Medical School. But yea.. I still wish I had some uber-cool loaded comp. =P lol. Zach even said his iPod could hold like tv show episodes. I could totally be watching like Alias or something during seminary.. sweet! Then I could get attendance credit and not be bored to death! Excellent!

Kristen Bell

This Past Week...

Posted on 2005.04.16 at 00:07
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Ace of Base - Beautiful Life
I went to Jr. Prom! It was pretty fun! I got new earings, new shoes and my first pedicure. On Friday (we got school off 'cause it was the end of the quarter) we went to Nickelcade and then Sarah and I got do-ups. Then we got all dressed up, Sarah looked soo pretty! So Scotty and Lynn picked us up at 6:30 ish I think and then we went to Olive Garden. We had to wait forever 'cause they were so packed but the food was soo good! Matt and Luke were there, and they were the only other ones I knew in our group. Prom was fun! We danced a little but we stood in lines most of the time to get couple pics and group pics and also for the junior promonade. I got to walk in the promonade 'cause Scotty's a junior. Sweet! =) lol. Then they dropped us off and it was fun. Oh, and Jackson and Amy got voted prom king and queen. Yay! Jackson's so hot.. and really nice! lol. Amy's so cute, and way nice too! I think they really deserved it! =) Chelsea got royalty too, and she's an awesome girl.

On saturday was Josh and Jennifer's wedding reception. I got to see Katrina and Cassandra, some Weibells, Paul's dad - Victor, Alysha (a girl Jer kinda likes), and an adorable 10 day old baby!! It was so cute! I got to hold it, it was so tiny! Jer, Sarah, Janson, and I decorated the car. We got crete paper (sp?) all over the outside of the car and fake easter grass for the inside. I think Jennifer was a little mad =/ lol. But she looked so pretty in her dress! She looked like a medieval princess! =) lol.

This week was good! It was SBO elections and varsity songleader and cheerleader. Matt got president, he's so hot and I really liked his skit. He recorded this whole story pretending he accitdentally slept in and was missing the skit so he had to run and get to Hilllcrest. It was pretty cool 'cause like in the movie when he came through auditorium doors he'd run down the auditorium. I liked it =P lol. Then Dallin got VP, I LOOOVED his skit. He did Mary Had A Little Lamb with Jordan (who plays sax in bandestrazz) and Jordan still had his costume on in 7th. He looked so cute! lol. He had little handkerchiefs for ears and little black socks over his hands. lol! Amy got secretary, Trendon got Audio Visual officer (yay! I think he's kinda hot =) ), Kyle got activities coordinator. I wanted the girl to win 'cause I thought she'd be better, but his campaign was Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, so of course he won. That show should be SOO over now. Golly. =P lol. I would've felt kinda bad though 'cause he shaved his head, 'cause you know how Pedro does in the movie 'cause he's really hot... yea.. That's what he did. Mandi got historian, I thought she should've won 'cause Jackson looked so cute in her skit with the little cow costume. lol! I loved it! Then yea, it was kinda sad to see all the V-cheer 'cause I really want to be a cheerleader. But, it's my fault for quitting tumbling and gymnastics when I was little and not being prepared.

We have festival in less than 1 week and most of our flute section just barely learned fingerings for the notes. We're gonna do soo bad! It's gonna suck. Mary and Tyler haven't been to anything.. actually.. Mary did come to 1 sectional. But that's all. There were 5 flutes at the sectional today, out of 11. They're so apathetic and during in class sectionals Alicia just slacks off, 'cause she hates leading them. She's always in a bad mood, and they all just talk and slack off, so I try to get down to business 'cause I don't want to make a fool of ourselves but like Amy and I are the only ones that can get it, and we still really struggle in parts. I dunno how Tyler and Mary are doing 'cause they never come. >=| lol. But.. watcha gonna do.. I tried to take over in sectionals, but Denison came out and gave me this mean look, so I stopped. lol... so we got nowhere.

So yea.. just had to vent =) lol. I think I'm gonna ask Devyn to Spring Fling. yay. lol. He's such an awesome guy, but I haven't talked to him in a while. It might be kinda awkward. Annnd, I found out that Paul and Victor talked about how 'Sarah and I are so modest and aren't as (like flashy I guess) as some other girls out there'.. which I guess isn't the coolest thing, but at least he knows I exist and he was thinking about me =) lol. I'm such a girl, but I want a flippin' crush. There's no one at my school, except Kimball who's amazing blessed with good looks. But he doesn't know I exist =( lol. I just need to find someone that's cute and nice and knows I exist to like... hmm.. this may take some time =P lol.

OMGOSH! I found out Candice is moving!!!! *starts bawling* I dunno what to do... ='( It's really awesome for her though; she's going to get her master's degree. She'll be a great teacher, she is one. I'm gonna miss her so much!!! She said she was gonna leave in July or August.

So that's life so far. Still a lot of friend drama, but I'm trying to work it =) See ya!

Kristen Bell

Life's pretty sweet

Posted on 2005.03.25 at 16:48
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Mr. Brightside - The Killers
So Sarah bought the Sims 2 and it's a freakin' sweet game! lol. I love it! I've played it so much. Jon came over and we studied chemistry a little to re-take our test. I was so flippin' upset from always being 1 point away from a 4/4, this time was 2 away, but still. He played Sims 2 a little while he was over and he got so upset with me 'cause my girl's aspiration is romance, so she wants to Woohoo with all these guys (it's so annoying I hate it) but he go so mad at me. lol. His guys had proposed to my girl so he was really sensitive to the subject, he kept saying "you don't care about me at all, you woohooer", "just go woohoo with everyone,", "woohooer" and all this stuff. It was pretty funny =)

So about the test I got an A, but I was way late to my chriopractor's appointment so I made Jon and Cayla come with me (Cayla had missed the day we took it, so needed to, and Jon wanted to re-take it) and they both needed a ride. Then SPRING BREAK, BABY! =) Sweet. lol.

Scotty still hasn't talked to me about prom, so I dunno what to do. I got my dress though lol, it's also for Josh and Jennifer's wedding so it had to be pink.. not my favorite color, but I still like the dress =) It needs to be altered still, but yea.

I saw The Ring 2 with a bunch of people from Bandestrazz. I thought it was a really scary movie! I really liked it still though!! I didn't know too many that came with us except Doug, Kat, Amanda, Ali, and Gabby, but I finally got to meet Adam. Amanda was so freaked after the movie and her car was parked next to Kat's stable (it reminded her of the barn in the movie) so she was afraid to go back there and then Doug hid between Amanda's car and another car and when Ali and Amanda were finally walking to Amanda's car Doug jumped out and scared the crap out of them both. We heard them scream from other side of the house. lol. It was kinda funny. Anyways, then we all went to Ali's afterward and just hung out, we were gonna go "christmas caroling" at Jordan Holmberg's house, but he wasn't home =( lol. We're such losers =) This was like last saturday, so I'm kinda jumping days, sorry =) lol. But that's all, life is good. Kylie turned 16 yesterday.. joy.. now she'll be in laurels. Less of reason to go. But, carry on.. life is good with BANDESTRAZZ =)

I couldn't try out for cheer again this year! Arr! One of the summer practices was during EFY and Robin says that if you're not gonna be there for all of the practices you should reconsider trying out. Ugh.. well, at least it gives me more time to work on my back-handspring and stuff. Work with the chiropractor is good, he just pops my back and now I have to do stretches. Hopefully I'll be better soon =)

And for some odd reason Cayla thinks the lyrics to this song are "... and it's all in my head, but she's touching it - sex now..." Ok. No. =P lol.

Kristen Bell


Posted on 2005.03.11 at 23:33
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Time Stands Still - The All American Rejects
Well tour was FREAKING AWESOME! I was sooo happy! Cayla and I hung with Kat, Amanda, Nicole, Gabby, Jonelle and sometimes Dominique and it was so fun! Here is the full happenings: =)

Thursday: We left thursday night and I went in my pj's and slippers and I got to sit next to Cayla on the bus, but Lin was next to me. I was pretty cool with it at first but would soon come to regret it. So anyways, we were so late 'cause we back TWICE to Hillcrest after leaving that we missed our first exchange with a high school, but during the night we drove and watched some movies.

Friday: We stopped McDonald's in the morning and had some breakfast, then went to the Golden Gate bridge. That was pretty fun =) Then we went to Fisherman's Warf and Pier 39! That was so fun! We all went shopping and we saw this guy at a store called "Zen Zone" or something and he gave us little massages as we walked by and it felt soo good! =) lol. Then we went to Round Table Pizza and had a huge pizza party and then we went to our hotel and went swimming! Funn! I could've been funner because I was so worried about my suit.. it's like a year old and I've outgrown it, so it's not too good. But, I still had a lot of fun anyways. =)

Saturday: We had a workshop in the morning with the teacher at DeAnza college and then we performed at Ghirardelli Square, that was pretty fun! We kinda sucked at Saturday Night Live, but we pulled it together not too long after. During the orchestra performance, Cayla and I got some chocolate from a chocolate store there... oh my goodness.. that stuff is sooo good! You have not lived until you've tried Ghirardelli Square chocolate. Mmm... mmm... good =) Then we went to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Warf for more shopping. I think this is when I got Josh's shirt that says "I'm too sexy for my hair, that's how come it isn't there" lol. It was awesome, when I was it I had to get it for him. Kat got a little baby outfit for her niece that said "If you think I'm cute, you should see my aunt." lol. I was cute. We got to eat the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner that night too! I ordered a salad, but I forgot to ask for chicken and they didn't put croutons on so it was basically lettuce and cheese. lol. Afterwards, we went to this 3-D show Aliens in the Deep. It was... pretty.. cool. It was about fish, but I was so tired from the day and traveling and stuff I fell asleep =) lol.

Sunday: We had a little meeting in one of the hotel rooms, basically we had a testimony meeting. It was pretty good. I found out that Lloyd is mormon. Sweet. That makes him even more hot =P lol. Kat, Cayla, and I had bought all these black sparkly San Francisco shirts and Amanda had bought a Hard Rock Cafe shirt that looked a lot like it so we all wore them and then french braided our hair (Gabby, Jonelle, and Nicole did their hair too, but they hadn't bought shirts) and we all had hoop earings =) It was fun. So then we went to Alcatraz - that place was so cool! I had soo much fun! They gave us little like tape player things that was our tour lol. It was pretty cool though. I liked the boat ride too. lol. I told Cayla that I "decided I really like boats" even though that's like the only real boat I've been on =) lol. Then we went to Chinatown! Funn! That was our last day of shopping and I hadn't gotten gifts for anyone except Josh, so I had to get gifts really quickly, but it was so much fun. We had dinner at a restaurant there too after shopping and it was some good food! We all ate with chopsticks and it was fun! =) After, the bus took us to the Chinese Philharmonic and they were amazing! They were kinda boring =/ lol. But VERY talented, and this was the night all the drama started. All of the sudden Brandon (Kat's best friend) and Amber (one of our roommates) were holding hands and sitting next to eachother and leaning on eachother and all this stuff and Kat starting worrying really badly. So there was soo much drama that night about what to do and eventually Amanda FORCED Kat into the room to talk to Amber and Amber and Brandon decided that they wanted to do what the other wanted to do but neither of them knew what that was basically.. so yea.. lol. Annnd also, they kissed in the hot tub that night! It made Kat so mad, especially because she had been all over Naveen two days before (and we found out later had kissed Naveen) and had said the night before that she wasn't over Brent yet, and also because she had been all over Brandon a couple days ago and he had asked Kat was to do 'cause he didn't want to get into anything with her, but now they were like together. So yea.. lots of drama. I guess she wrote Brandon a note a little later saying that she thought the relationship could really work, but they both ended up agreeing it was a BLT (Band Lovers on Tour).

Monday: We checked out in the morning and then went to do an exchange with Mills High School. Their orchestra was like 8 people (literally) big, and their band, Denison told us, was 100! I was like holy crap; and we messed up on SNL because at Ghirardelli Square Denison took the second ending I think the first time there's a 1st and 2nd ending and so we didn't know what he wanted this time and so we got all messed up and had to stop. It was actually really funny. Then, while the jazz band played we went outside and just hung out and talked. Then we went to STANFORD! Oh yea baby! Cayla and I went and bought a shirt and then we had our clinic with an italian profresor Dr. Aqualanti. He was awesome! He had blue eyes and long hair that was always pulling back, and he really helped us on Stars. It was awesome, I really liked him. Then, finally, we went to the cruise ship thing. I changed into my green skirt that I had bought and my black shirt, I was really worried about my skirt, but I oh well, what can you do =)We had dinner which was really good! It was a bunch of stuff that I have no idea what it was: chicken with some really good sauce on it and green beans, and there was some other really good stuff. For dessert was cheescake with raspberry sauce and then came the dancing! It was so much fun! I was so afraid the whole time that Lin was gonna ask me to dance, but they never did slow songs =) They did Sandstorm and it reminded me of DDR and they did some techno! I love techno =) lol. Lloyd's a good techno dancer too! I had soo much fun! Then we went home =(

So yea. Lin was stalking me the WHOLE time! When we went shopping he was like my shadow and EVERYONE noticed it, and so on the bus Nicole, Gabby, and Jonelle started marking how many times he "looked" and "stared" at me. They got over 150 (looks and stares combined though). I was like omgoodness.

Ok so yea.. this entry is forever long so I'm just gonna say I'm bitter about the Allegro trio 'cause Alysha sucks and she won't blame herself, but Mary said that I did really good job trying to carry them so yea. I think she's really nice, Kat and Amanda have a problem with her, but I like her =) Anyways, my duet didn't make it but the quartet did! Yay! So I'm excited! It'll be good! =)

Scotty Tirney asked me to prom and Lin's gonna ask Sarah!! I was so surprised when I heard that! lol.

Kristen Bell

San Francisco here I come!

Posted on 2005.03.03 at 18:37
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Since U Been Gone
YESSS! I'm so freaking excited! I can't wait! I miss Cali so bad! Band is soo awesome! lol. (Don't call me a nerd though! =p) We went to the state game for basketball(we lost =( ) but I had the best time! Cayla and I were laughing the whole time! And we won battle of the bands! =) lol! We had so much spirit it was so awesome! Kat, Amanda, Cayla, and I painted our faces we had H H S and an exclamation point on each face. I was the exclamation point, lol. I didn't want too much stuff on my face 'cause I had to play the flute, and I didn't want the paint to get all over it, but it was tons of fun! It was a huge arena too! It was almost like profesional, it was so fun! =) Our drill team rocked!! Skyline (who we were playing) did their hip-hop dance but they looked like strippers dressed in camo, their routine was so bad; they weren't together and some people forgot their parts. But, then our drill team came out and did their military routine wearing black, they looked sooo awesome! I was so proud of them! They're so good!

Soo.. tour's tonight!! I leave in 2 1/2 hours! Yesss! It's gonna be so freaking awesome! Cayla and I went shopping last night, our goals were to get me a jacket, swimsuit, and skirt, but we get me a skirt and shirt =P lol. I got this like purple and pink striped shirt, and a neon green skirt, it's awesome. It's was so much fun though! We went into Famous Footwear and Cayla saw those like uggs with the fur on them. They were so big! There was a white and black one on display so she put of them on and she looked like a panda bear! lol!! I was laughing so hard! Then she did like this runway and then turned around and was like "rarr" doing that little hand thing where you like do a claw.. yea.. I dunno how to explain it. lol. But it was so funny! Cayla is so awesome! She's so funny! I've been spending a ton of time with her lately 'cause of band and it's been awesome.

Well, I'll be in San Francisco 'til tuesday, that's when we get back. So we might leave like early that morning or late monday night, I'm not sure. But anyways I better go pack! Mucho love! Bye!

This is like my favoritest song EVER!!

Kristen Bell

Phantom of the Opera

Posted on 2004.12.22 at 16:11
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Jimmy Eat World - Pain
I went and saw Phantom of the Opera today! It's soo good! I looove it! =D Yay! Christine is soo pretty! I loved it. I thought the romance, like.. the "base" for Raul and Christine's relationship could've been better established. But, that's ok =) I still really liked it!

Well, I did almost all my Christmas shopping. I still need presents for all my bros and my daddy. Golly... gifts cost so much! Hehe.. so yea. But, guess what!! Cayla's dad bought his wife (Cayla's mom) an Audi A4 for Christmas!!!! OMGosh!!! Jealous!! lol. I really want one. It's so preeeetty! Yo quiero. =P lol. It's gorgeous!

I went and worked for a friend of Steph's mom at this chocolate store. I mostly just wrapped chocolates and did orders. It was cool though. But, Steph told me that the party on saturday for the whole group for Christmas was a bust for her. She said that all of them were just being jerks and stuff and that she was really mad at 'em. Cali included! That's a first... and Kylie. I feel bad.. but I'm kinda glad. =/ I really don't like being around Kylie. Is that bad?

Christmas is in 3 days! Yay! Merry Christmas!

Kristen Bell

Jordan Valley Performance

Posted on 2004.12.10 at 17:32
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: The Prayer - Josh Groban
So, yesterday started out as the crappiest day! But go sooo much better! So I was supposed to go to school early and Cayla needed a ride so I was gonna pick her up at 6:25 ish, but I woke up at 6:20!! No joke! I was like running around the house, and the driving schedule was gonna be crazy 'cause my dad needed to go to the trax and all this stuff, so Sarah had to come with me. So I was backing out of the garage and I was really close to the wall and I saw that the mirror was gonna hit so I started going like way slow so it wouldn't hit, and it didn't, but then the car hit the wall instead! Omgosh... it SUCKED! lol. So, I looked like crap, we had to perform later, I hit the car, and Sarah came waaay late to history so I thought she wouldn't bring this part for our project that we needed. BUT.. then, we went to the performance. I still looked like crap.. but it was so much fun! Cayla and I just talked and told jokes on the bus and then we talked to Andrew and Trendon while we waited to perform. They are soo funny!! lol! Then, we had Wendy's and went back to school, and then I went to seminary. The day ended soo good! So yea.. =) Then I got to talk to Shmike. Haaappy.

Yea.. don't make fun of me for this song... the girl is 13!!! I wish I could sing like that!!! =P

Kristen Bell


Posted on 2004.12.08 at 16:52
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: None
That's me. I've totally been slacking my homework since Thanksgiving! and like doing it all the day OF (like during math or something). =/ lol. I just totally have not been in the mood to do homework. I've been watching movies instead =D I watched Bend it Like Beckham again! I looove that movie! Yaay.. Joe is so hot! I wish I could have somebody like him =P lol. Well, I went to Wendy's today. It's soo good! I'm going to get so fat from it... =P

ArrrrrrRRR! The ticket prices to California haven't gone down! =( I want to cry... I miss Jess so bad! Well... my mother keeps saying that I can't stop in the San Francisco airport or LAX, which I can kinda understand, but honestly, I'm sure I'll be able to find my way around. I can ask flight attendants or anything. So, with that one less of a stop the prices go up about $50-$100. Maybe they'll let me go anyways.. I was so excited! I'm sure I can make them let me go... =( Maybe...

Omgosh.. lol. Ok, today during english, we were talking about the little Christmas get together thing we're gonna have, and apparently there's already been a carriage labeled as the "make-out" carriage. I mean honestly people! It's pretty pathetic.. and Steph, Cameron, John, and Cali are the only passengers allowed for the carriage. Then, they started talking about the New Year's Party, and Steph and Cameron are gonna have their little midnight kiss and then Cayla was all "Oh, I am so kissing someone at midnight." I was like.. duh.. that's so retarted. That's all you think about.. But, the good news is Drew's gonna be down here! Awesome!!

8 more days 'til Christmas break...

Kristen Bell

Sweeeet 16!

Posted on 2004.12.06 at 19:55
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Way Away - Yellowcard
LICENSED DRIVER HERE! lol =P It's so awesome! I love it! Yay! I seriously thought this day would like never come... but it's already passed and gone!! =D I'm so happy! So.. here's how my birthday went:

I went to school, nothing major happened, then my mom picked us up 'cause we had to go straight to our appointment for our final drive test. We met him at the front of City Hall I think it was, and it was pretty easy. His car smelled like smoke, he wore a cowboy hat, and listened to like... soft, twangy, country music.. it was really weird. lol. But anyways, I did so bad on my test! I drove over a sidewalk coming out from a parking lot and like totally scratched the metal thingy ma-bobber on the tire against the curb when I was parking =/ lol. I was so nervous! But, I still passed! So then, we went straight to the DMV and it only took us like 15 minutes to get our licenses! Actually, we only got paper ones 'cause the lady said that our plastic ones would come in the mail in 2-3 weeks. Then we came home, the boys came over, we ate pizza, then opened presents. Hehe... So, dad and mom gave us car keys!! Woot! and a little mug with a cute little guy in it, and a bracelet with the YW values on it. Then Jer gave us jerky and cheese, a little shower clock-radio thing, and a game called Fact or Crap which is pretty fun! Jennifer (Josh' girlfriend who had surgery that day!!) gave Josh our presents to give to us, which were $30.00 gift cards for Sinclair gas! So, that'll be nice! Then Josh.. hehe... he was all "I was trying to think of what I wanted when I was 16." and my mom was all "What? Did you get 'em G.I. Joe's?" like totally kidding, but he did! It was the most hilarious thing ever!! He got Sarah a G.I. Joe and me a singing Barbie! Yay.. I wish I was like Barbie =P lol. Annyways.. then we ate cake and watched Spider-man 2, then I came down and talked to all my favorite people! Including: Largo, Jessica, and Drew! I didn't get to talk to Shmike... ='( The ONLY thing missing from my day... his computer broke down so we haven't been able to talk for so long! =(

So that was my long wonderful Sweet 16! I'm still hoping to go to California for Jessica's sweet 16! She also sent me an e-card and flowers! =) *loves* Thanks so much!

On saturday I had a flute recital =/ I performed the best I've ever done I think and lots of people complimented me after, so it was really nice of them! I really appreciated it!

In other parts of my life, I took Steph, Cayla, Jon, and Sarah out to Arby's on friday. It was fun =) annnd.. we had a LAN party on saturday, that was soo funn! Lane is so funny! It might've been because it was midnight... but he's the coolest kid! And Sarah and I have been hanging out with Gus (a.k.a. Largo and Taylor). He's the funniest kid! He always makes me laugh and he's way nice too! We pick him up from school often and show off our mad driving skills! =P lol. jk. =) Well... another loong LJ entry, hope you thorougly enjoyed it =D

and yes.. this song is a little bit old, but I love Yellowcard! I want the album!

Kristen Bell

Last week of summer

Posted on 2004.08.22 at 19:45
Current Mood: goodgood
Eep that Personality Disorder Test isn't very comforting. hehe. Anyways, isn't it so sad?!?!! Last week of summer! I'm getting more and more nervous for high school. I'm gonna get lost! I know where my first period is, where the band room is, and where the seminary building is(it's kinda hard to miss that) but other than that, I'm dooooooooomed! =\ lol.

I talked to Jess on the phone for just over an hour yesterday. Sweeeet. And I'm hopefully going to rp on tuesday.. but I still have to call people. =) hehe.

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